C.KHiD  ( ckhid )

"The former Lebron James-like prodigy that chose music over busting nba players down on the court.  Yeah, Kevin Durant can get it too (pause)"


Team USA Snap Back cap x C.KHiD x Tie Dye Tank x White Levi Jeans x Puma Disc Hip Dye

pic: Tyrese, C.KHiD, Asia

We gave shoppers a reason to shop for participating in C.KHiD’s  "Trendsetters" music video. This past week it was filmed in Harlem on 125th & Lennox, shopping district.

2 cameo features were Boston trendsetters, Tyrese and Asia (twitter @his_attraction )

The first cover story I ever got.


C.KHiD - AYO Music Video , Coming Soon!  Get Caught Up Hip Hop Music Fans

My new song for 2014… man it’s been a while since I unearthed some new Hip Hop tracks!

Everybody click the image / play button to listen to “Trendsetter

This is some of the new music I’ve been working on in the studios of Atlanta and New York.  The rap sounds are updated, I got to really let out emotion with the lyrics being in studio, and Dresmore really did a great job producing the records.

I wanted to debut this on BlackFashion.tumblr.com, who always supports, and holds down the Urban fashion front on social media, but I have no clue if they shall post today… and I know fans want ‘on demand’ so I gotcha here first.

Shout outs to the other blogs who represent style as well though.. LovelyAndBrown, BGRP2, BlackMaleModels, New HipHop Songs, etc

I Did it My Way  - C.KHiD

Flew from Vegas to Boston…

I crept around the East Coast on Amtrak. lol  i used to travel this way to New York all the time when i was 18-19….Was fun to be back on it. Boston to NY, NY to Baltimore.. Baltimore to Charlotte.. Charlotte to Atlanta. 

Was doing photo shoots, shooting new music videos, and working at studios to record  music at each stop.   Great for writing music .

No TSA garbage…  no 1 hour check in.. just grab your bags and get there before the train left.  

Skyee Dominique x C.KHiD

Downtown Atlanta, Urban Art / Hip Hop Graffiti

Rescued Pit Bull, photobombed us

photo by @ConceptsExposed (ig)

model Skye Dominique (ig @SkyeBunny) x Pitbull Dog x YouTuber C.KHiD ( ig ckhid )

photographer: Concepts Exposed

Graffiti Artwork / Location: Atlanta, Georgia

C.KHiD in Times Square; New York City, New York (circa June 2014 )

C.KHiD , “Infinite” music video coming soon.

The Wolf of Wall Street movie inspired.

C.KHiD at the Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland.

#Coordinate not just #Match in fashion. ThemAestheticsAllReal.

C.KHiDInfinite" music video, coming August 2014. 

Co-starring Tatiana Price.


Directed by Exhibition Z

Inspired by movie ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’……..Jay Z and Beyonce…..  and  the life of C.KHiD….