Flew from Vegas to Boston…

I crept around the East Coast on Amtrak. lol  i used to travel this way to New York all the time when i was 18-19….Was fun to be back on it. Boston to NY, NY to Baltimore.. Baltimore to Charlotte.. Charlotte to Atlanta. 

Was doing photo shoots, shooting new music videos, and working at studios to record  music at each stop.   Great for writing music .

No TSA garbage…  no 1 hour check in.. just grab your bags and get there before the train left.  

i’d kick this illuminati lady out my house the moment her shirt came off

Lol i def couldn’t sleep with this stomach around….

(via cubans)

Usually I don’t follow IW.  She’s pretty but she’s young.  But this is a hot pic.  Giving credit where it’s due. And them braids tho!  Got everybody feeling what Nelly said back in the day lol   Is them toes manicured tho? LOL






You getting old if you remember this lol

Anyone that uses the word ‘sorry’ casually..  just leave them alone.