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Garnett & Moss

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Jahmar Francis 



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My niece playing some with cash and mocking me.. #Cutiepie#MyWorld


Rising To The Top by Victo Ngai

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"Pull out the big guns, and put your freakum dress on"-Beyonce 

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My Baby Mama Essie Golden

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New Rap Songs of 2014

Smashing Tacos with Apple Sauce, I rap

JJ Fish got a Deal, I mix that with corn meal

Biscuits in the box, Waiting to jack a chicken

Put that meal together, call it Churches Chicken

Weird talk in codes, Mirrors broken on the Walls

Too many ears listening to horns when I call

Bugle Boy genes, I’d love to get a pager

Beep me if you need, But I don’t do no favors

Your life is the wager, Send Lions and Bears to your Yard

Smell the fear in the air, Wolves join and play cards

They pull yours….during a session of smacking cakes

But little did you know, that Baker leaving you played

You ate, so now starve, lose weight while laying down

Traumatic ain’t it clown, In your misery surely drown

Dance with God or Satan, depending on who you live for

Shake the fuzz so bad, I’m leaving the beasts ankles sore

Turkeys acting jive, Slime busting through the grease

The magician that I am, smiling with bright teeth

EEEEEEEEEEEK…………… where that cat at?

Rugrats take out all of your allies

Funny how Tommy in their hands, while wearing skiny levi’s

Lol Just a random.. no meaning….. just a fake azz story.. new rap songs of 2014 style verse…………if you like it though, at least you see the comedy in it

- C.KHiD

“ Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door. ”


― Coco Chanel (via psych-quotes)

… . yeah… and  if you do try this, don’t talk to a person who is not a shrink about it

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im dead

I must of laughed at this for 10 minutes.

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Rajesh Kumar Singh/AP Altaf Qadri/AP Biswaranjan Rout/AP Rajesh Kumar Singh/AP Noah Seelam/Getty Images Ahmad Masood/Reuters Anupam Nath/AP Rajesh Kumar Singh/AP Babu/Reuters Rajesh Kumar Singh/AP


India — Daily Life (March 2014)

Photos: Altaf Qadri/AP, Biswaranjan Rout/AP, Rajesh Kumar Singh/AP, Noah Seelam/Getty Images, Anupam Nath/AP, Ahmad Masood/Reuters, Babu/Reuters

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Catching up on some long overdue blogging today. A sneak peak selfie of a tutorial I’ll be posting soon.