Anyone that uses the word ‘sorry’ casually..  just leave them alone.


Pyrite with Tiger Eye Chandelier by Thunderdome Body Decor

C.Thoughts #001

"Summer Some of Us / Summer Some Of Y’all / Summer Some ‘ll Do It All / Some ‘ll get it… POW! / "

Some people don’t understand and/or listen to my lyrics to get it.   ‘Summer Summa’ is just saying some people will push it to the max, let go & get the most out of Summer Time fun… do everything THEY FEEL is great.. while others won’t follow their own instinct…. the people that do though.. they get it… and when ‘fun’ hits them, it hits them like “POW” and they get it…….

But it’s time to replace the music on the page.  Trendsetter is about ready to get promoted.